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NATURAL HANDMADE SUPERFAT SOAP 100% OLIVE OIL macerated with bay leaves . Specially suited for fragile and sensitive skins. 7% SUPER FAT. COLD PROCESSED MAKING : The benefits (unlike hot processed industrial soaps) are that all the antibacterial properties of the Bay leaves and the softening properties of the olive oil remain with the product. Its NATURAL PROPERTIES enable you to use several times a day even on your face without drying out your skin : unlike industrial soaps the NATURAL GLYCERIN is not removed from the final product. Free from preservatives and artificial colorings : fully biodegradable and non-toxic. No plastic or toxic waste : printed on recycled paper. A real PROVENCE SOAP : The bay leaves are collected in the hills of the south of France. MADE IN VAR in our workshop in Carqueiranne, FRANCE.

Coconut Oil Soap

Helps nourish the skin to be soft and radiant.  Does not make the skin dry and tight because it contains ingredients of babe coconut oil and turmeric which is a local herb of Thailand

Gac Serum

Contain Lycopene with helps reduce wrinkles and makes the skin firmer. Organic coconut oil make the skin moist and anti-oxidants add elasticity to the skin. Ginger help keep the skin stay fresh & radiant whiles reducing freckles.

Thai Printed Cotton Fabric Pants

Thai printed cotton fabric pants, free size . Can stretch 38-40 inches, length 30 inches, hips 42-44

Abalon Mushroom Extract

..100% organic abalone mushroom extract.

Salt baked Macadamia

Salt baked macadamia Phu Jali farm . Thai product 100% natural